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About Us

Red Roots provides one-stop solutions for all your Real Estate needs. We put great emphasis on each of our client requirements to ensure full concentration on your vision and architecture for your chosen properties.

Our service offerings are unique and backed by substantial research & development to ensure your real estate experience is measured according to price sensitivity, risk adverseness, modern architectural design, and many more. We have dedicated experts continuously engaged in market research, historical price indices, neighbourhood compatibility, legal vetting and overall usability.

Our Mission

We define ourselves with by high standards of integrity and transparency. The Real-Estate agency market in Bangladesh is plagued with several complexities of mismanagement and substandard moral conduct. Our solution takes accountability of properties and ensures all our listings are vetted thoroughly, thereby reducing risks associated with ownership.

Our Principle

We will constantly glee our clients in present and new businesses by conveying unrivaled value through superior offerings on the web and different platforms. We will do this by maintaining our entrepreneurial essence and utilizing our financial potency and ability in building brands, groups, product and innovation.

The entire stream of individuals we work with, either landlords, tenants, or brokers, we go through high level screening process and filter our unprofessional behaviours or etiquettes. We have policies for each of our solutions and criteria matching for all of our associates.

Our unique selling point

The real-estate agency market has transformed itself world-wide, however it is still in extreme primitive form in Bangladesh, we are here to use the latest in technology and human resource to combine the effort and translate in the best possible real-estate experience. Each of our listings go through vigorous due diligence that enables ourselves and our clients the satisfaction of safety & security for all of their transactions.

Our dedicated research & development team is continuously collecting and analysing data in multiple regions around Bangladesh, to break-down and project the most viable properties available. This highly valuable resource centre can than be accessed by consumers that can buy properties together with a cluster of investors and achieve lucrative gains when prices escalate.

The agents in our portfolio are well versed in the technicality and are committed to each client to make sure that all queries are attended to with accuracy and professionalism.