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The concept of crowd-funding in real estate has become a note worthy phenomenon across some of the major markets. We are here to provide this unique platform of investment that can reap maximum returns for your investment in Bangladesh Real-Estate.

We have a dedicated team of researchers that are constantly reviewing hyperinflation areas in Bangladesh. Through substantial time and dedication we have collected crucial data and statistics in urban, semi-urban, rural areas of our country to find historical price indices of over 5 years. Using these figures combined with the below factors we can project future price appreciation of property value.

  • Available Infrastructure (Road, Rail, Airports, Power, Gas, Pipeline etc)
  • Historical Price Index
  • Area Consumer Buying Power
  • Rental Rates
  • Industrial complex availability and projection
  • Schools, healthcare, shopping complex

Using complex financial modelling we can project the valuation of land over the next few years and analyse the returns of investment.

We understand how expensive it is to buy land in Bangladesh, and hence we have created a crowd-funding platform that allows you to micro invest in properties with a group of like-minded individuals.