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Serviced Apartment

A comfortable home is certainly not too much to ask for, but rather a basic necessity for all of us. We appreciate and understand the meaning of a secured, well-maintained flat that can house you and your close one’s in a cosy, relaxing environment.

With a competent service team, we cater to our client requirements by emphasising on intricate details in terms of functionality, design, cleanliness and security. We have ready-flats available for you to move in right away, or our design team is at your disposal to custom tailor your flat and furnish it to your preference.

A 24/7 concierge service is available at your discretion for any and all of your requirements, starting from utilities and maintenance, cleaning and hygiene, food and catering, communication and transport, to security and safety.

Cleaning Service

We are obsessed on our cleaning products and personal, our listed properties have to be spick and span. This obsessive nature ensures our guests are always well catered to and can experience a spotless environment in their homes. We love the smell of freshness and we would be happy to show you how well we can do this.

Food & Catering

With such a busy lifestyle, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cook every day meals to satisfy our taste buds. Our kitchen maintains quality standards that are health and hygiene compliant while dishing out the best tasting food.

We cater everyday meals along with events and occasions that cover a delightful menu comprising of multiple cuisines. We procure the freshest ingredients for our food and distribute our meals using efficient methods that ensure great food to your door-step when you need it.

You can set your meal plan through our portfolio company www.tasteEssetial.com.bd


Hectic schedule and traffic congestion is making everyday errands a very challenging task. We take care of all your activities and are on call 24/7 for any of your requirements. These are anything from transport allowances to printing material, buying accessories, paying bills, grocery shopping, and anything else you may think of.

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