Dhaka: The Many Faced City

Oh Dhaka, what a city! Needless to say, it is the city of colors, dreams, hopes and a lot of traffic jams! Even so, with all the hustling and bustling, Dhaka is a city with its own heart and soul, one that flourishes with the people that reside within it and one that has a lot of tales to tell. The city encompasses numerous areas, each with their own characters and personalities. Some being the elegant and posh side of town, while others being more quiet and serene. All in all, our Dhaka has several faces along with its places, waiting to be heard. 


Dhanmondi, where modern meets classic – That’s one way to put it right? Dhanmondi is undoubtedly one of the oldest areas in Dhaka and also was once considered to be the poshest. Some of the oldest buildings are still standing strong in Dhanmondi alongside swanky new high rise apartments. It truly is the perfect collaboration of old meets new. 

If you want to imagine Dhanmondi as a person, visualize a mother figure who always has everything you could possibly need and that too of several varieties! She holds all her residents near and dear to not only provide a comfortable living experience but one that is infused with Dhaka’s nostalgia. Also, she loves gardening – one of the greenest areas of Dhaka is Dhanmondi. This wondrous area is home to numerous residential, commercial and recreational spaces open to all its inhabitants. 

Some of the main attractions of Dhanmondi are Shimanto Square, Rabindra Sarabar, Shatmasjid Road and so much more. This area is home to some of the most iconic establishments that are known all over the city and not to mention the abundant number of schools, universities and other institutions that have been around for so long!



Now you may need a passport for the next one! Jokes aside, Uttara is one of the most prominent spots in the outskirts of Dhaka. It is a rapidly developing land, home to numerous sectors and facilities. Uttara is like the edge of the city but then again it is a city on its own! Real estate is flourishing in this land like no other and is making space for many beautiful residential and commercial structures.

The land where skies meet land and where transportation is nothing to worry about at all, Uttara is like a hub itself. The river Turag hugs this area and the Airport closes it off, making it a very secure place to reside. Other than that, since it is so far away from the city center, Uttara slowly developed all necessary facilities within itself over the years, making everything accessible and life so much easier for all its residents. 

Think of Uttara like the relative that stays abroad and visits you every few months. But everytime they come over, they make sure they bring lots of gifts and lots of stories to tell from a distant land. After spending a few weeks with this relative you are very intrigued by all they say and all they have to offer and  just don’t want to let them go back to their mysterious home but rather ask them to stay just a bit longer!


The Garden – Our Gulshan. The poshest areas in Dhaka but also one of the greenest. This beautifully organized area is home to a lot of the city’s famous restaurants, hotels, marvellous residentials spaces and unlimited commercial buildings. From an aerial view, Gulshan is one of the nicest areas in Dhaka without a doubt. 

Gulshan has almost everything you can imagine, packed tightly into one part of the city. And thanks to its location, it is also very accessible in terms of travel and transport. You can move from part of the city to the other with the help of Gulshan being smack in the middle. Not only that but Gulshan Avenue is a very famous street known for all the establishments and buildings that it holds, along with Gulshan 1 and Gulshan 2 being the focal points of the area. Some ancient homes are also kept safe in Gulshan as well as some real estate marvels. 

Gulshan is the friend that likes to work hard and play hard! They live the night life but are also wide awake and ready for the hustle early in the morning. They know how to have a good time and also know how to make sure others have a good time, all the while making sure everything is safe and sound. A loud personality with a hint of attitude in all the right ways. 


Ah Banani, our unsaid hero. Banani is like the quiet star of the show. It has practically everything one would need and yet causes very little commotion. An area filled with class and character and a lot of jam during rush hours! But that is to be expected from such a buzzing and resourceful part of the city. Banani is not only known for all the recreational spaces but also all the corporate offices that it houses. In the quieter parts of the area such as Banani DOHS, are some of the nicest residential spaces that allow Banani to be as classy as it is. 

Banani 11 is probably one of the most prominent parts of the whole area as it is the busiest and most happening street. It caters to all those in search of restaurants, hangout spots, shopping facilities and just an overall lively environment. 

Imagine Banani like that loving and caring sister you have. One that always has your back no matter what crisis you fall in and one that will take the blame when you get scolded. You know the one right? She will make sure that you have everything you need and will also show you how to have a good time!

Bashundhara and Baridhara

Ever heard of twin flame soulmates? This is Dhaka’s version of it – Bashundhara and Baridhara. Situated right beside each other, these two locations work collectively to cater to the youth of Dhaka! Home to numerous universities and other institutions, both Bashundhara and Baridhara have conquered the commercial and corporate real estate arena for sure. But that’s not all, these areas have also proven their mark on the residential field as well, by keeping afloat some of the grandest and nicest housing facilities within them.  

One of the notable parts of Bashundhara is Jamuna Future Park, which might be a maze but it is one of the largest shopping malls in South Asia and the third largest in the whole of Asia. Other than that there are numerous homes and recreational facilities in both these areas and the scope to have a beautiful living experience. 

These two are like those two friends that are always seen together. Best friends since highschool and always a delight to have around! Whenever you’re around them you never feel like you’ll be bored or won’t have anything to do because surely they’ll cook up something fun and exciting in no time. 

All in all, all these places have minds and characters of their own. Surely you can resonate with one of them because who knows, you may be thinking of moving or residing in one of these places soon! Each place has its own perks and its own flaws but they are a part of our colorful city and contribute to Dhaka’s unseen but strongly felt magic.