How and Why to Get into Rooftop Gardening

A phenomenon that has recently gained a lot of popularity and for the right reasons happens to be rooftop gardening. Not only is rooftop gardening good for the environment but it also adds an exceptionally artistic touch to any structure or building. It allows for a lot of customization and modification while also being a good way to utilize unused space.

Now there are some preliminary things to consider when thinking about rooftop gardening and embarking on this green adventure. Below we have mentioned a few that we think are important and that people should be informed about.

Rooftop Gardening 101


Learn About the Rules and Regulations: Not all apartments and housing facilities may allow rooftop gardening. Before taking any further steps, make sure you are informed about all the related rules and regulations. After you have made sure about the permissions, you can easily move onto the actual gardening!

Structural Integrity: Every house is built differently. So, learn about your residence’s structural integrity and confirm that your structure is strong enough to support a rooftop garden. This is because rooftop gardening can often put an added weight on your house and thus weigh it down. If your building is sturdy enough to withstand it then full steam ahead with the gardening!

Water Supply: One other crucial thing to keep in mind is having adequate water supply. If you’re going to have plants and greenery, you need to ensure a sufficient supply of water for them. So, before construction or planting, manage a water supply of some sort. If you want to go the extra mile, you can collect rainwater and store it for your rooftop garden.


Getting an Architect or Contractor: Rooftop gardening is no easy task and having a little professional help can make all the difference. You can hire an architect or a contractor to give you some direction or advice on arranging things and how to place everything. Having a professional opinion can ensure that the outcome is not only beautiful but also functional.


Using Little Weight: Excessive weight on the roof can be a real problem. Therefore, try to make sure you aren’t placing hefty objects that can fray your roof over time. Try to use plastic, fiberglass, or foam planting containers and avoid using pavers. Furthermore, you can also use lightweight potting soil rather than garden dirt as it doesn’t add any extra weight.


Sun and Wind Exposure: The elements are available everywhere and they all can also affect your rooftop garden. Especially since it is a higher platform, the impact of the sun and wind are comparatively more. When it comes to the sun, there should be sufficient sunlight but not too much heat. If certain spots of the roof attract more heat, then try not to place anything there or simply add a shade. As for wind, it can easily knock over long trees or structures, so be wary not to place them without any support.


Electricity and Storage: Electrical connections aren’t a necessity but can add a nice touch to the ambiance of the area. Hence, you can try to manage some electricity if you want to light up the place! Other than that, try to dedicate a space for storage as well. You may need to store gardening supplies and materials and having a spot on the roof can provide easy access.

Cost: Since this is a primary driving factor, we saved it for last! The amount you are willing to spend will determine how your rooftop garden will look. Spending more will give you more options but you can also create magic on a budget. So, do a little research before getting into it and ask around for the best deals to have a gorgeous garden but at a fraction of the cost.

Now that you know the basics, you may be wondering why to go for rooftop gardening in the first place. There are many benefits to adopting this method of beautification, but we only mentioned the key points to save you some time!

   1.  Making use of unused space

   2.  Increasing property value

   3.  A sight for sore eyes

   4.  Allowing for a bit more privacy

   5.  Very environmentally friendly


There you have it folks, all you need to know about rooftop gardening and some small bits on why you should do it yourself! There are many ways to approach this type of gardening and you can add your own little twists to it as you see fit – the possibilities are really infinite! Commence on this journey to a greener world and add a bit more character to your home in the process.