Safety and protection is a big concern that dominates the recent housing trends. Residents of Baridhara enjoy unparalleled security; thanks to the embassies in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone. The government places great emphasis on security to safeguard the area from any vulnerability. People with apartments in Baridhara can rest easy knowing that police regularly patrol the area to ensure a safe environment. The Bhatara Police Station in J Block is there to protect and serve people at a moment’s notice. On the diplomatic zone side, the police have placed checkpoints along every entryway and are always alert for suspicious vehicles. Walls separate this part of the area from the surrounding areas to protect itself. Furthermore, the fire station on the edge of Baridhara is always ready to tackle and prevent any unfortunate disaster. As a residential area, all of this makes this one of the safest places to live in Dhaka.

Finest security and peaceful atmosphere is the fundamental concern for the expats; generally who belong to Embassies for which Baridhara diplomatic zone is the best choice for elite living. If you are an expat who is ready to spend a fortune for acquiring the most luxurious furnished serviced apartments near to embassy zones in Dhaka, Baridhara sits on top among all the beautiful locations in Dhaka. Moreover, other highly regarded economic zones in Dhaka like Gulshan and Banani are located adjacent to the respective area within commute time of 7 to 10 minutes.

If you’re moving in with your family shopping and medical facilities should be your primary concerns, in that case, United Hospital will be at a walking distance and all the shopping needs can be served from the adjoining area Gulshan (Check out about Gulshan just mentioned below). However, if you are being our guest for a pretty long term period your children would surely need an International School and Baridhara and the nearby areas Gulshan and Bashundhara R/A has plenty of them to offer you like –

  • American International School Dhaka
  • French International School of Dhaka
  • Sydney International School
  • HURDCO International School
  • International School Dhaka
  • British School of Law

Henceforth, Baridhara is emerging as the most demandable area for the serviced apartments offered by Redroots team, and we’re hoping you to reach our experts without any delay for more information.  

Think of the grandest area for living and work life in a nutshell; Gulshan strokes your mind first than most other neighborhoods in Dhaka. Living in Gulshan is a dream to most of the city dwellers and very popular among the NRBs or foreign expats as well. Speaking of living fantasies, Gulshan offers spread out options for outstanding restaurants and international food chains close to every corporate office and residential zones.

This area has undoubtedly the greatest shopping places and fashion outlets if you compare to any other locations in the capital. Essential commodities for house errands and living are just within the orbit of Gulshan 1 & 2 at DCC markets and Dhali Super Store. Find Artisan, Astorion, Noir, Inglot and a bunch of clothing and beauty shopping places at Banani 11, right close to Gulshan 2 region. Besides, Pink city, Rupayan center, Banani Supermarket & Police Plaza is very popular among females and for daily grocery and household shopping Unimart, Gourmet Bazar, Agora & Shwapno are becoming very much cherished by the residents and expats living in the correspondent area.

For your morning brekkie along with a beautiful cuppa your coming to be desired shops are –

  • Northend
  • Gloria Jeans Coffees
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • The White Canary café
  • Holy Artisan Bakery

And yes, we also care about your fitness and thus Gulshan Lake Park with sound security is right close to any block or road at Gulshan. Redroots is eminently active in this sublime area with all the beautiful serviced and residential apartments only for we care about you savoring a harmonious lifestyle. We are just a call away!


If you are an expat and all your business concerns are adjacent to Banani, Gulshan or Baridhara diplomatic zone area and also looking for apartments for rent or sale, Redroots is delighted to offer you an ample number of both residential and serviced apartments in Banani. Besides, Banani has emerged as one of the most secured and coherent residential areas in the past decade in Dhaka. This area is full of amenities and elements of an easy going and elegant lifestyle.

If you’re a foodie you can’t go wrong choosing Banani for your stay in Bangladesh as all the topnotch food joints like Burger King, Krispy Kreme, Woodhouse grill and many other food places are located at Banani road 11. Besides, for coffee fanatics’ Second cup, Crimson cup and Northend is right close to any block or road you choose to live in Banani. Not only for the respective university and school students; the corporate tycoons’ most of the go-to restaurants have their branches at the heart of Banani area.   Dhaka people can’t imagine their complacent life without shopping. If you dream to live in an area that offers all the best fashion house outlets and shopping malls, tick Banani as one of your shortlisted areas for next living. The fashion sense of Bangladeshi has evolved with a cluster of elegance and grandeur in recent times. Thus, all the renowned local fashion houses are coming up with diversified clothing outlets and they place their kick off showrooms either in Gulshan or Banani. So, luckily you’d find every newest and finest collection in the Banani outlets, all you got to do is keep an eye on their social media updates. 

Meanwhile, you can’t let go of the nearby medical and health support that you would need when living in any residential area. Hence, there is a number of hospitals situated nearby the region and a few of them are very popular among Banani such as Prescription Point and Labaid Hospital. So, you don’t need to worry about your medical emergencies if you’re a Banani denizen as the adjoining area Gulshan has a lot of hospitals which could be found at a very short or walking distance. With this in mind, Redroots is delighted to present you Banani as that desired location that comes with all the package for perfect living.

So, hurry up and call one of our agents right away! As all the exclusive Residential and serviced apartments in Banani get booked by the time you make a decision!


Talk about the ultimate extrusive locations in the capital city, the name Uttara slips through words just alongside Gulshan, Banani or Baridhara. This area is coming forth as the most fast-paced developing neighborhood and a new favorite among both the property investors and dwellers. Being positioned away from Dhaka’s fuss, Uttara is growing as a secluded region with all the amenities of an ideal residential and commercial area for most of the income groups. Observing present Bangladeshi market behavior and investment propensity, a bunch of famous developers and business people are plugging their properties or business address in Uttara reckoning the future of real estate prospects.   

We do value your gourmet side of all the traits and with that keeping in mind, Uttara suburb has to offer a large chunk of food restaurants and first-rate eateries. Being a food-loving nation, all the alleged business owners aim Uttara for one of their colossal outlets by means of the growing crowd. Indulge yourself in savory seafood and steak meal at Lake Terrace situated in Uttara. Besides, a sky-high spinning floor restaurant - Mainland China is situated at Sector 3 in Uttara to taking you a trip to the fine dining of non-vegetarian Chinese cuisine and vegetarian buffet. Conversely, if you’re a fan of fast food here’s the list that might guide you through all the delish fast food joints –  

  • Pizza Inn
  • Takeout
  • Mac N Jack
  • Best Fried Chicken
  • Burger King
  • KFC  

However, good news for all the Kabab diggers out there, Uttara has to offer you Kabab factory located in Sector 3, serving all the mouth-watering food. For your mandatory check-ins in coffee chains, you won’t be disappointed with Uttara as there are every popular coffee outlets you could think of. To make it easier, we’re listing down some of the bests for you –  

  • Crimson Cup
  • Second Cup
  • Coffeelicious Coffee
  • Captain Barista 
  • Bread & Beyond
  • Coffee World
  • Beans & Aroma and many more…

This locality is still developing and the government is expanding the modern city plan taking Uttara into consideration as well. However, still being very discreet and reasonable in terms of investment Uttara is rising as one of the favorite localities among people of all class. Redroots team is just a call away to find you the best-suited apartment for you in this beautiful neighborhood.  

We’re fervently operating in all the mentioned areas above, but if you have any preferred location in the midst our capital don’t hesitate to talk to our real estate experts and we shall do that rest!

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