Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Since you’re here to indulge yourself with the beauty of Bangladeshi living and culture, we would like to glee you with the fact that this region prizes the tourists abundantly. Positioned between Burma and India in the low-lying Ganges delta; Bangladesh is still the country where you would find historic images that are quickly disappearing from India subcontinent as the world is mounting. The country is one of the most densely populated yet regarded as fast stridden developing country for its size. Numbers of buoyant factors make Bangladesh full of love and warmth. One of the greatest ecological pride – Sundarban mangroves are supposedly the last fortress of world famous Royal Bengal Tiger. This country could be organically brittle but its watery world is also fascinating to explore by boat and cruises. We’re here telling you about some of the facts and imperative information if you are traveling in the land of Bangalis for the first time.

The appropriate time to visit Bangladesh

Plan your stay wisely as the weather in Bangladesh could be extreme during monsoon season (June – October) when more than 50% of the country could be under water. Summer season (March – June) is hot and humid. However, some year monsoon could also be hot with heavy downpours. Whereas, winter has the most pleasant temperatures and most preferred period to tourists from all over the world.

International Airport

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport 20 km from the center of Dhaka city.

Get around in Bangladesh

Traffic is a madness in this busy country! So you need to acquire the smartest ways to travel and once you do it, the commute system comes very handy. Having the transportation system not that advanced the commute is an adventure to the tourists and they happily accept the challenge keeping their eyes wide open. Since the taxi or rickshaw drivers can’t speak in fluent English, Uber could be the most convenient and reasonable transport method. Average ride on Uber will cost you around $3. Uber solves a lot of the difficulties to communicate with the chauffeurs; thanks to google map’s automated navigation feature. But if you travel outside the central capital zone you won’t find Uber, then your only friend would be bus or train and for the shortest commute, you could hire rickshaw, tricycle or motorbikes. In larger towns, you would get plenty of taxis, baby taxis and rickshaws. Self-drive car won’t be available but there your hope would be rental cars and drivers and tuk-tuks especially in cox’s bazar. If you are confident riding motorbikes it can be bought or hired while they are the best way to dodge inner city traffic.  

Bangladeshi accommodation

It’s wise not to expect posh pads here; accommodation and lodging in this country are as pragmatic as it can get. Redroots is the only best lectern for your longer stays but if you’re planning for very short term or your requirements are very limited for the trip; Dhaka has to offer some decent hotel chains and guesthouses like –

Westin Dhaka
Four Points By Sheraton
Le Meridien
Radisson and many more.


Being a country of rivers, fish is one of the most cherished options on top of the food menu. Rice and non-veg are Bengalis staples among all other cuisines. To know more about the eateries of our country please check out the Neighborhood section. The supposed honey months of June, July and August roe some seriously tasty fruit (mainly mangoes, jackfruit, lychees and green coconuts) in Bangladesh.

What to wear in Bangladesh?

Maybe you’re thinking Bangladesh is a summery country all throughout but during winter season there are places where the temperature drops till 12 degree Celsius at night. Please do make sure, you have proper research about the current weather update and make sure you have some warm clothes for the evenings (in winter). You could always carry a jacket, hoodie or jeans as a backup. Daytime in Bangladesh is very pleasant and sustainable, while in summer it can get really hot. For men, short pants are absolutely okay yet local mean mostly wears long pants in this country; but for male tourists the choice is liberal. But if you’re planning to visit religious sectors you need to consider to wear something covering up to knees, although our amiable Bangladeshi hosts will always help you out in this.

Must visit places in Bangladesh

From a Tourism standpoint, Bangladesh is still evolving and there’s a profuse number of projects ongoing to augment our tourism sector in different popular landmarks. Here we are citing few of the must visit places in Bangladesh that you shouldn’t miss out if you’re traveling here anytime soon! Be well set and have your adequate research on the following places mentioned –

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest
St. Martin’s Island
Cox’s Bazar

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