The Art of Minimalism

The word minimalism has become somewhat of a conversation basic in the world of interior decor and lifestyle. So, what is minimalism and how is this act of being simple becoming such a trend both locally and internationally. Minimal lifestyles, living spaces, furniture, and much more has taken markets by storm and has proven that keeping things simple is always good! Let’s find out more about this interesting phenomenon and this new way of living.


What Is Minimalism?

At its core, minimalism can be defined as the act of emphasizing the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. This style of living tells us to focus on the present and to live every moment without any hesitation, to completely embrace each moment we experience, this ultimately results in us being more grateful for all we have and to be happy with less.

Minimalism is all about intentionality. It is a lifestyle that forces intentionality on us and asks us to be more in the present and to be actively thinking. Now, this can not only be applied to our daily lives but also where we reside, to promote more free-living and spacious lives.

Pretty wholesome, isn’t it? It truly is.

Minimalistic lifestyles also have the main primary focus of eliminating distractions and embracing what one has, which can be applied to people’s homes and living spaces. If you are going for a minimalistic approach to decorating, you may decide to lean towards neutral colors, simple shapes, and an overall clean finish. Of course, there are different styles of minimalism and every person will engage with this concept differently, but the core ideals remain consistent.

How to Implement Minimalism with Interior Décor?

It’s not easy to transition from your normal lifestyle to minimalism, it takes time and effort. Also, every individual will embrace minimalism in a different way and so everyone will have a different process for it. The basic concepts of minimalism remain the same while only elements of your living space continue to change. When it comes to minimalistic interior décor, people oftentimes associate it with boring or cold, but that is hardly the case. The whole idea is to keep things clean and simple while also implementing bits of your style to the décor. Here are some things you can do to move into the world of minimalism with ease.

Get yourself quality fixtures

One of the key teachings of minimalism is to have sufficient lighting. Invest in some good lighting and fixtures that will illuminate your room while also giving it an elegant and chic look. Using lights with plain solid colored bodies, warm tones and place them properly to make a great difference.

Using multiple materials

Minimalism also teaches us to utilize whatever resources we have and to place things in such a way that everything compliments the other. So for example, you can use different textured items in the same color palette to keep things cohesive but also bring in a little variation.

Get furniture that pops and bold pieces of art

This is another prime part of minimalism, to compensate for the absence of multiple things by housing something bold and unique. It makes the room look interesting but not overwhelming. Maybe add a large colorful painting in the middle of the wall, or get a huge lamp? – Just wow them with diversity.

Open space and good views

Having open spaces and good views in a living area can make drastic changes to one’s living experience. Staying cooped up in a room without any rooms or any ventilation can not only be bad for a person’s physical health but also mental health. Thus, keep spaces free and open to keep your mind and body in peace.

Why should I go for minimalism?

Shifting from your normal life to minimalism is no easy task, some may be hesitant to make such a big life change and so, here are some pros of going minimal and embarking on the minimal lifestyle.

        1  Lessened financial worry

        2 Uncluttered environment

        3 Helps you be more present

        4 Puts importance on experiences rather than materials

        5 Be happier with less stress

        6 Greener approach to living

        7 Cleaner and more spacious living

Other than these, there are many more advantages that come with living a minimalistic life, but those are experienced differently by each person.

There are many more things to cover if we go in-depth about minimalism and interior décor, but hopefully, this short article will help those who are slowly venturing into the mythical world of simplicity to gain a better understanding and to improve their living experiences.